We have prepared special promotions for you in the coming months to start 2021 as best as possible. With clean skin, a firm body, and a wide smile. The latest with us is that you can now take advantage of deferred payment of our procedures, without a contract with a bank and without additional fees.

What is necessary?

  • Select the package you want to use
  • make an appointment for a procedure
  • at the first visit, you will pay 1 + 1 procedure – the first and last procedure of the package
  • at each subsequent visit, the price of the procedure is kept as the low price of the package
  • now is the time to take advantage of our special terms
  • and for all regular customers who recommend us to their friends – there are gifts

Bring a friend for laser hair removal in our salons and you will immediately receive a free procedure of your choice.

Are you satisfied with our services? Do you have a friend who is looking for a salon for laser hair removal? Bring him to us!

In Murphy showrooms you will find the most modern diode laser platform in the world – Prime Lase is a diode laser platform with the highest peak power among the known diode lasers in the aesthetic sector – up to 4800W. It offers a very good combination of high power wavelengths and ultra-short pulse duration.

The laser works with USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology. This innovative technology makes it possible to deliver ultra-short pulses of 3 ms to the hair. They reach the optimum temperature to destroy the hair follicle without damaging the skin.

Advantages of PrimeLase HR:

effective in every season
suitable for both light and dark hair
fast results
painless thanks to crystal freeze

PrimeLase HR excellence uses the “crystal freeze” cooling system of the epidermis. It automatically regulates the temperature during epilation to make the procedure safe and painless for the patient. Allows cooling of the area between pulses. The system maintains a constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius on the surface of the applicator, regardless of the room temperature or the temperature of the skin itself.

If you have convinced yourself of everything written and you know that our laser hair removal is great, then tell your friend about us. When he comes and buys a package – Laser Hair Removal, you can choose between these procedures and get one of them for free.

Lash Lift – the latest procedure in the salon – lamination of eyelashes with included painting for a seductive look
Diamond Microdermabrasion – a classic procedure for deep exfoliation of facial skin
Venus Legacy area face – the best anti-age radiofrequency lifting therapy, achieves great results without needles and therapy.
Phonophoresis – ideal therapy if your facial skin is very dry and dehydrated
Facial cleansing with an ultrasonic spatula – fast and effective to make your face shine

How can you get a free procedure?

  • You must be our client who already has a laser hair removal package at Murphy Salons
  • You should recommend us to your friend
  • He needs to get a laser hair removal package
  • You get a free procedure
  • You can come together for the first time – you get up to a 40% discount for laser hair removal and a free procedure.
    What do you get from us?

our specialists are medical beauticians, not therapists trained to work with a laser device in our two salons, you will find the best diode laser device in the world you get up to a 40% discount with a laser hair removal package you can save hours easily and quickly online professional attitude-free consultation
View our laser hair removal packages for men and women –-> here

Two favorite procedures are at a special price until 30.06.2021 – Hydrafacel and Intraceuticals.

Only HydraFacial 2.0 uses patented technology for cleaning, extraction, and hydration. HydraFacial 2.0 Super Serums contain nourishing ingredients that create an instant satisfying glow. Your skin is instantly clean, fresh, and hydrated. With regular therapy – blackheads are reduced, impurities removed and the skin more radiant.

Hydrafacial Classic includes Exfoliation + Extraction + Hydration now at a price of BGN 120 instead of BGN 150.

The next procedure that you can find at a special price is Intraceuticals. Intraceuticals is an intradermal penetration with a pressurized oxygen jet and hydration with 95% pure hyaluronic acid and a multivitamin complex. Intraceuticals technology is completely new and allows treatment on the lower and upper eyelids and tightly around the eye contour. The advantage of non-invasive oxygen mesotherapy Intraceuticals is the non-challenging nature of the procedure but accompanied by a maximum effect.

Intraceuticals REJUVENATE – for deep hydration – contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid and a multivitamin complex containing green tea, aloe vera, vitamins A, E, and C. Through the patented technology for the triple application of hyaluronic acid with three different types of molecular weight.

Through needleless mesotherapy, low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid is injected into the dermis through oxygen, followed by a serum and a cream with the highest molecular weight. Thus, the skin remains hydrated for a long time, and the result of the therapy is longer than other oxygen therapies.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate – needleless mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid – is now priced at BGN 100 instead of BGN 160.

6 procedures laser epilation zone intimate + 6 procedures armpits zone = 500 BGN

Take a laser hair removal package for intimate zone and armpits for only 500 BGN with promo code: MURPHYLASE
Now take advantage of deferred payment of our procedures, without a contract with a bank and without additional fees.

More combo packages of 6 + 6 procedures to choose from: 
Intimacy + Armpits 500, 00 BGN
1/2 Arms + Thighs 1000, 00 BGN
Whole Legs + Intimacy + Armpits 2000, 00 BGN

and an option for men

Chest + Armpits 750, 00 BGN
Shoulders + Back 1500, 00 BGN
Abdomen + Cross 1000, 00 BGN

– the most special procedure we offer. Inspired by Hollywood facial care before the red carpet.
– combines the 3 most effective facial procedures
– optimal skin condition immediately after the procedure
– ideal for important events such as a wedding or ball

Venus Legacy – the person (30 min.) + Hydrafacial + Intraceuticals now BGN 300.00 instead of BGN 500.00.

Venus Legacy combines radiofrequency lifting with magnetic fields for an immediate lifting effect. The procedure is suitable for existing skin sagging, as well as for the prevention of first wrinkles and sagging of the face. The production of collagen is stimulated, and through the movements of the device the lymph is drained and visibly the face looks weaker, tighter, and without puffiness. Ideal if you have bags or retain water.

This is followed by cleansing with Hydrafacial, using two serums for extraction and peeling, which melt and remove the dirt from the skin using vortex technology patented by Hydrafacial. The advantage of the procedure is that it leaves the skin clean without blackheads and dirt, but also without redness, which makes it a suitable method for cleansing the face if you have very sensitive skin.

We finish with a pleasant refreshing procedure and saturate the skin with hyaluronic acid. Intraceuticals is a patented system for non-invasive mesotherapy for triple deposition of hyaluronic acid using pure oxygen. The procedure has a cooling effect due to oxygen and is ideal for completing a truly stellar therapy. The skin is instantly refreshed, the complexion is evened out and the skin feels juicy and deeply hydrated. The ingredients of Intraceuticals, which complement the hyaluronic complex, are of biological origin specially grown on farms in Australia of Intraceuticals.

Special discount for single procedures in our salon on Bulgaria Blvd. 11. 
You can take advantage of a 20% discount on mesotherapy procedures. Until 30.06.2021. 
The promotion is valid only for our salon on Bulgaria Blvd. 11. 

We offer you a free consultation when choosing a serum for mesotherapy, so that it can be most effective for you.
MesoHair – Hair Loss Therapy 80, 00 лв.
Conjonctyl (органичен силиций) 80, 00 лв.
Lissant Yal (хиалуронова киселина) 120, 00 лв.
Vitamin Complex – освежаващ коктейл от витамини 64, 00 лв.
Matrix – anti age ефект 96, 00 лв. .
Slimming – за отслабване 80, 00 лв.

Package of 270 minutes BGN 780.00 instead of BGN 1350.00 +1 procedure Mesotherapy Slimming gift 
Package of  360-minute package BGN 900.00 instead of BGN 1800.00 +2 procedures Mesotherapy Slimming gift 

If you do not feel in the best shape after Christmas, and in general after 2020 - start a sexy body for 2021 with Venus Legacy. 

Why is Venus Legacy so effective? 
It shapes and sculpts the body non-operatively, reduces cellulite, tightens and revitalizes the skin. It combines multipolar radio frequency 
with pulsating magnetic fields and VariPulseTM technology, which allows regulated pulsed suction for deep penetration of energy into 
tissues, lymphatic drainage and stimulation of blood circulation. 

What action does it have? 
❌ Reduces cellulite deposits 
❌ Non-invasively shapes the body 
❌ Visibly reduces the circumferences in the treated areas 
❌ Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin 
❌ Tightens and smoothes the skin 

Now, in addition to a package of 9 procedures (270 minutes), you also receive a gift of 1 mesotherapy Slimming with serum with peptides 
that have a draining effect on the cells and helps them to quickly drain, shrink the area and tighten the skin. 
The regular price of Slimming is BGN 100. Now it is a compliment for you. 
The regular price of 1 Venus Legacy procedure is BGN 150 and in a package of 9 the price is BGN 86.6. 

To a package of 12 procedures or 360 minutes. 
- you receive as a gift 2 Slimming mesotherapies for a total value of BGN 200 and in a package of 360 minutes 1 
Venus Legacy procedure costs you only BGN 75.

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