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In this section, you will be introduced to the cookies used on the Site and / or on your mobile devices in order to manage them.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a text file containing letters and numbers that is stored on your computer and your mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies allow you to save your actions (eg username, language, font size, etc.) for a certain amount of time, so you do not have to enter them every time you visit the site or when navigating from one page to another. They may also retain certain information related to your preferences.

How does use cookies?
The team at adheres to European legislation and good practices in the use of cookies. Our website has been completely updated in accordance with the European Commission’s Guidelines on security and privacy policy and with Directive (EC) 2002/58 on privacy and electronic communications, and with Regulation (EU ) 2016/679 for the protection of personal data.

What cookies do we use?
The following are the different cookies that may be used on the Site.

Strictly needed / basic / cookies. Basic cookies are required for the functioning of the Site. They allow you to log in to the site, manage the navigation in the site, and use it as a whole. Without them, the services requested by the user become inaccessible.

Cookies related to your preferences. These are cookies that are used to save your settings on They allow you to hide the info boxes you are familiar with, to choose a desktop or mobile version, to keep your preferred language on the Site. They do not have to be used every time you use our web site to adjust your preferences. You can manage them through the banner that appears on the web page when loading it, or through your browser settings.

Cookies related to your activity on the Site / statistics /. These cookies monitor the internet browser used, the number of visits, the average time spent on the site and the pages viewed. This information is used to gauge how attractive our site is and to improve its content and functionality. You can manage them through the banner that appears on the web page when loading it, or through your browser settings.

Cookies related to marketing. These cookies can perform marketing analysis, deliver targeted ads, evaluate the performance of campaigns, promotions, and more. You can manage them through the banner that appears on the web page when loading it, or through your browser settings.

Tracking cookies for Facebook. These cookies are tracked by Facebook members for market research and product development purposes. They can be controlled by your browser settings. You can manage them through your browser settings.

Who has control and access to cookies?
The pages of may have both services provided by the Site as well as services provided by other websites / etc. facebook. The control and access to cookies used by the services of is the site itself. With regard to cookies used by services on other websites, you should obtain information on the website of the third party concerned.

How do you manage the information we collect?
You can control and / or delete cookies whenever you like. There are several ways to manage cookies related to your preferences, your activity, and marketing cookies. First, when you log in to the website, a banner with several cookie options is loaded, and you can choose which one to use by ticking (tick) in the empty square box of each one. The second way to manage cookies is to cover all types of cookies. It consists in your browser settings. You can configure your browser to show when we set cookies in it. You can also set it to block cookies from a specific domain or from all domains.

When managing the cookies contained in the services at, remember that our services rely on cookies for them to function properly. will not use cookies for any purpose other than those described in this policy.


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